Monday, 24 October 2011

Types of Vintage Brass Knobs You Should Consider

Vintage brass knobs are and will always remain in high demand. The beauty and craftsmanship of vintage brass door knobs do not fail to entice home owners, who strive to get the best for their homes. The class and elegance of vintage door knobs cannot be matched by any of the available brass knobs. Ask any person of refined taste, and he will vouch for it.

Types of vintage brass knobs

There are many types of vintage brass door knobs available in the market, many of which are real classic and can be used in any home of any type, but some of them are not that open for association, so doesn’t look good on all kinds of doors and houses.

When deciding on buying a brass knob you need to focus on the finishes of the knob as well. You need to decide if you need Antique Brass, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, or Satin Nickel, etc., finish on the brass knob. I would suggest you to keep this in mind before going out for purchasing door knobs.

When purchasing brass door knobs, you should always go for the one which is made of solid brass and not just brass-quoted because door knobs of latter type does not last long, and the quoting may fade after some use, or at times after cleaning.


All-brass knobs

There are some brass knobs that are made of 100% brass, without any other element used in it. This gives a real vintage feel. Pure brass knobs come with some beautiful engravings. They give a royal feel to the door.


Brass knobs with crystal top

Another type of common brass knob that is quite famous is the one that comes with a colorful or white crystal top  (the portion which we turn to open or close the door). When a ray of light falls on the crystal part, the ray of light shimmers making the crystal shine like diamond. Crystal-top brass knob is a jewel, which beautify the door.

It looks even more elegant when the brass portion, which makes the bottom of such door knobs are beautifully carved. I have seen one that had a brass-base (knob backplate) resembling wheel of a chariot.


Wooden-top brass knobs

All brass door knobs do not come with glass or brass top alone. People use all kind of different materials, but the one that I personally liked the most had a wooden top. There are all kinds of wooden tops that people are using in brass knobs, but my favorite is a black-colored knob with light engraving, or one with wood finished, light though.

When buying vintage brass knobs you should also focus your attention on the era from which it comes, if you wish to buy original vintage brass knobs. There are many counterfeit in the market, you should be watchful of them. There are many more types of vintage brass door knobs available, and it could be purchased from the Internet, from the comfort of your home, without being greasy because of going out in sun fretting around in the market.

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