Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Architectural Door Hardware – Replacing Door Handles

When buying any architectural door hardware, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Things like design, look and feel, ease of operation, sturdiness, etc. should be considered. You should also be concerned about the ease of installation, if you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) type because an architectural door furniture part which cannot be installed by a “non expert” is not suitable for DIY installation.

The above guideline or logic, if you may, applies to door handles replacement as well. In fact, replacing door handle is the most basic architectural door hardware replacement, which is done quite often. In this article, therefore, I will talk about how one can replace a door handle.

Replace door handle in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Gather all your tools and door handle parts

The first step towards replacing a broken door handle is to collect all the tools that you will need. You may need tools like a flat tip screw driver, a slotted tip screw driver, a hammer, a pair of long nose pliers, a pair of side cutting pliers, polypropylene handled chisel, screws, metal gasket (if needed), and door handle parts.

Step 2: study your broken handle

The goal of this step is to understand how you are going to remove the handle. You would not want to damage the texture or paint of the door, handle of which has to be removed. Some handles come with a top cover which conceals the screws. If that is the case then you should use your flat tip screw driver or polypropylene handled chisel to remove the cover from the side.

Step 3: Remove the broken door handle

The next step is to remove the broken handle from the door. Do it carefully, and do not lose patience. The process of removing the broken handle should be done carefully, or else, you may end-up scratching the door, or breaking the slot in which the handle was installed. You may need to use the pliers and a hammer for that.

Step 4: Install the new handle

After successful removal of the faulty door handle, you can put it on one side. Now the next step is to install the new one. Keep slotted tip screwdriver and screws, which must have been supplied with the replacement door handles, and hammer handy. You will need these to install the new handle. Go slow and install the door handle.


As you can guess from the door handle replacement steps that architectural door hardware replacement is not very tricky, but some of the replacement could be tricky. In those cases, you must call architectural door furniture replacement expert. They will do the work properly.

All about Ball catch door hardware?

People use ball catch door hardware on single or double closet doors where a latch cannot be used, or is not desired to be used. It is a perfect solution for many door hardware problems. That is the reason behind such a catching trend of ball catch door hardware use. Increasingly more and more people are using it to replace traditional solutions in 2-fold doors, as keeping double closet doors closed is slightly difficult, and magnetic catches, because it’s not so strong, do not successfully do the job of holding the doors together. People often use it as bathroom door furniture to close the bathroom cabinet.

How ball catch door hardware works

Ball catch is installed on the top of the door, and a strike plate is mounted on the door jamb. Ball catch hardware, working with spring loaded ball, catches and holds the door closed. After which, the door remains steadfastly closed, until some external pressure is exercised when the door handle is pulled to open the closet doors. The door hardware discussed here is not very expensive, and it helps you keep your house tidy.

Types of ball catches

There are several types of door catches available in the market. The working of all is same, but some of them would be more efficient and durable, while, others slightly less. A same set of steps is used to install all kinds of ball catches door hardware.

Ball catches made of solid brass works consistently for longer period of time because of the inherent nature of the metal used, whereas, a ball catch door hardware piece that comes with rubber rollers may not last very long because of the tendency of rubber. They get dried up and create more friction after some time. As we know, rubber is also susceptible to environmental exposure. Brass or any other solid metal ball catchers are supplied with screws which hold them tightly.

One ball catch door hardware type which remains always in high demand is adjustable brass ball catcher. These door catchers looks classy and are used extensively in the interior doors where installing a lock is not possible. This is also used a lot as bathroom door furniture in bathroom doors, cupboard doors, and closet doors. Adjustable brass ball catchers are easy to install. This when combined with their long life explains why there is so much demand for this kind of “door locking” solutions.


Ball catch door hardware, as explained above, is the most suitable solution for cupboard doors, closet, etc. As you can see from the above discussion that adjustable brass ball catchers are the best among all the ball catchers. Hence, I will recommend that one for bathroom door furniture.

1930s door furniture – How to Find 1930s Door Knobs

Living in a house made in 1930 gives you a sense of pride, as the houses built in 1930s were probably the last batch of homes constructed following the dying modernism philosophy of architecture. The only issue with such homes is finding replacement furniture parts like 1930s door furniture parts.

One of the most easily broken 1930s door furniture part is the door knob, which easily gets broken because of its extensive daily use. Replacing 80 years old door knobs with the ones created in 2011 will kill the aesthetic beauty of the house. So you need a door knob that comes from that era.

All is not lost if your door knobs are broken as there is a way to find 1930s door furniture parts. I will help you do that through this article, but before that let me tell you what to expect, in terms of condition of door knobs you will get.

1930s door knobs – what to expect

The first thing you need to know is the fact that you cannot expect to get brand new pieces of 1930 door knobs because very few unused original door knobs from that era have survived. There could be some, but the price of those knobs will be way too much. You should, rather, keep your expectation a little in check.

The door knobs that you will get may have some door paints of previous doors on them, or the paint may be broken at places. These are the things you can fix, but do not go for a door know which does not have back plates, tightening screws, etc. It may create a problem. You should also expect to get a door knob in excellent working condition, though old and used.

How to find 1930 door furniture – door knobs

Step 1: Know the make

The first step in the process is to know the name of the design of the door knobs you want to replace. You should also find the maker of the door knobs.

Step 2: Do image search

If you do not know the make and model number of door knobs then do Google image search using the relevant keywords (in this case 1930s door knobs). See if you find the knobs you are looking for. Note down the maker and model number of the door knobs on a sheet of paper or in notepad.

Step 3: Search for the sellers

Go to Google one more time and this time to search for a seller who sells the door knobs of the make your doors had. If you were not able to find any concrete information in the previous 2 steps then do not panic. Just do a search and find a reliable 1930s door furniture seller.

Step 4: Inquire about price and delivery

The next step is to ask the dealer about the availability of door knobs you are looking for. Also enquire about the price and tentative delivery date.


After you gathered all the information needed, you should place an order with 1930 door furniture seller. Make sure you have communicated effectively about your needs. If you are not certain then you can ask the seller to email you the pictures of 1930s door furniture knobs before you place an order. It will help you decide.