Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bathroom Door Furniture – 4 Commonly Used Bathroom Door Locks

The role of bathroom door furniture like a lock is more to provide privacy to the users than is to provide security from thieves, burglars, etc. For this reason, a lock designed for and used in a bathroom door is a lot different from the ones that are used in the other doors in the house.

In general, a bathroom door lock does not use complex mechanism like using multiple cylinders and livers, but this explanation does not say much about this bathroom door furniture. To help you out, I am going to talk about 4 different lock types that are commonly used.

4 bathroom door lock types

Privacy function lock

This is the most common type of lock you will find in bathrooms. This lock is very simple. It consists of a doorknob or a lever, which has an in-built privacy function, which gets activated by push of a button or turn of a switch from inside of the bathroom. The bathroom with such locks remains open when it is unoccupied and as soon as some enters the bathroom and turns the knob or presses the button the bathroom door gets locked.

A high-quality privacy function lock also comes with an emergency button. This could be used to open the lock from the outside, if someone gets trapped inside of the bathroom.

Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt locks are normal locks used in commercial establishment. These locks are not locks but handles because these locks can be opened from both sides. A separate latch is used in a bathroom with such a lock so that the bathroom door could be closed from the inside.

Thumbturn locks

A thumbturn lock or a turnpiece lock, which it is also referred to, is a kind of lock which is operated by rotating the switch, which is on the inside of the bathroom door.  It is used with a knob or a lever. This lock has an emergency release key on the outside. This lock is very easy to operate and if a kid, accidently, get locked inside a bathroom then taking him out using the emergency release will be easy if this lock is installed in the bathroom door.

Coin lock

In public settings where many people could use a rest room, a coin lock is used to control the free use of rest room. This is often installed in a commercial setting. If a bathroom has such a lock, a person will have to drop a coin or a specially designed token in the lock in order to use the bathroom. The door of the bathroom will remain automatically closed for the duration of your use. It will accept no more coin until you open the door from the inside and exit the bathroom.


There are many more types of bathroom door locks that are used by people in different locations, depending upon the usages, but the locks discussed above are the most used pieces of bathroom door furniture. When installing bathroom door lock you should not go for style only, you must take into consideration the usage scenario and people who will use it.

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